Your feeling is it!

Vesta-gate within

Spinoza, Reich, Kafka..

Nietzsche and Kirkegaard: Emperors new clothes.


Tracy said you where dead.
Ah-uhm, I guess she was mistakin’.

Chaney said there’s a hole in everything.
Ah-Uhm, and that’s how the crack gets in.

And I don’t wanna spend a lot of time on this.

dra en vals


the Cats

Miss Demure


The day is giving heed to the nights intent.
We felt the watchful night-wind as it went.
The sea we saw; the shepherds heard, and more.
The supermarket’s closed: convenient store.
A dollar saved is one that is not spent.
Furthermore: You don’t have my consent.

I disagree with you to a great extent:
the set-up and the plays of our discontent;
a broken story-board and an absent mind;
a one-eyed ruler in the world of blind.
It’s dark here: the wick and oil is spent.
Furthermore: You don’t have my consent.

You can ask a lot from me, but never to repent.
You’re a camper with a fraudulent intent.
What would the Mormons say if they where here?
A wolf-hunt, laying down both sheep and shear.
If you taught me one thing – it’s gone now most geschwind.
Furthermore: You don’t have my consent.

The words ruin every day that promises silent.
A compass helps you find the way, to orient.
A level shows you what is up and down.
The morning paper tell what’s going on.
There’s a war in Ala-ka-zam, close to Tashgent.
Furthermore: You don’t have my consent.

There’s a tax on stupid people, just a small percent.
They buy art from Max Bialystock – of great descent.
You don’t sail a stream. That is common sense.
Now the adverts full of contracts and of where and when’s.
They’re apt to loose the same amount they’ve spent.
Furthermore: You don’t have my consent.

Re-arranging chairs on the Nautilus. Under it went.
Capt. Nemo gave his vote to Mr. President.
A wall can fall and is suddenly not there.
The crimsons and a subterranean fair.
I stand very firm upon the firmament.
Furthermore: You don’t have my consent.

Perfect sense

There’s a small, but important, suttle difference between a
pommgrenate and pomme greats. You can grate a potato, but
it musn’t be a great potato.
There are grades in everything. In some sense everything is second-grade
and second-to-none.