Occupational hazards

Jesus was a carpenter.
He built a little shed.
He built it from straw
and painted it red
They asked him why he didn’t build
his house from wood or stone.
He answered: Fool! It’s not a house!
It’s a home.

Jesus was a fisherman;
he got himself a boat.
Hook, line and sinker,
he travelled ‘round the moat.
He untangled the line and tackled the rod.
Shouted: Hail, Mother Mary!
How you’re doin’, God?

Jesus was a healer
when he was in first gear.
He could not heal the sick
but he could make them disappear.
Soon, everyone was healthy.
They where cured from fear.
He said: Hail! Mother Mary,
Mommy Dear!

Clothes-line Saga

We segwayed into the mes and the yous;
chim-chimmering over the truth.
We sold the cow for beans, and how you tried

to still stand off all that bothered us both
– so similar pledge is an oath.
A caustic wear would rip and tear our side.

Acid Beret

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So cool

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