White as flour: Johnny of the apes
and then came Johnny Cyborg.
On a Bombay street,
the boys are playing soccer before lunch.
Josephine in tears: “Oh, dear! #What_a_life”

Give ’em debt and saddness!
Make ’em be like us!

Johnny come timely – Johnny come late.


Punishing people who think for themselves,
is not a Great Thing to do.
How about: I punish you for being A jew?

I don’t have the [cards / cause] that you have,
but you don’t have a clue:


When I showed brother Superior his reflection in the water,
he refused the image and made the witness into a tale.
A-aah – into a tale.

He was teaching every grand-ma how the egg-sucking was done.
He got the tarot-cards mixed-up; all dressed in purple he went about.
A-aah – he went about.

Anything else

I hear the chimes;
I hear the ring;
I hear the [sirens / science / silence]
[in / and] everything

I hear the ‘larms;
I hear the tales:
I hear the tune
and all the bells.

I am married to my wife.
I’m not married to anything else.