A smile from Glasgow

She stod frozen and chanted
then she made a asserted moves
if we all stay to gather
we would all fit the groove

The marksmen stay put
outside the instigator’s drawn
A kingdom for a horse, the pawn said
check your bloody lawn

The sceptic tanks
the numbing nails
if similar strays
and ranks

Order! Gavel demands
rust cast aside
a Glasgow smile
Pewdiepied, enter tamed!
broken sky, defamed in style.

The music is a minor variation of the music (written by Ulf Peder Olrog) from the Swedish Television series “Teskedsgumman” (Mrs. Pepperpot) [from a book by the Norwegian author Alf Prøysen].

I hear some similarities to the Neil Young tune Hurricane.

Recording, I forgot to say SCEPTIC and not SEPTIC.. It was supposed to be “SCEPTIC TANKS”.

Late summers day

What a wonderful day!
The sun is shining – the crickets chirp.
All the things we can do!
Together, through this perfect day.

But you say: you are stressed-out:
this is your only free day.
So, you focus on the things
you don’t have the energy to do.

You find me just annoying.
You find faults and call ’em true.

That’s us.. on this perfect late summers day.

What a wonderful day!
The apples ripe  and the sunflowers bloom.
There’s walnuts in the trees.
And the shed I built is full of fire-wood.

You sigh and call the apples
a chore too hard to do.
Soon the autumn’s here for real.
And the wind and rain to boot.

It’s my fault, you are tired.
My joy’s too much to handle.

That’s us.. on this perfect late summers day.