Tre dårar i orubbat bo


I said before that a person with few attachments are are more easy to break.
That is true.. but true to a degree.

The degree is this: Your attachements are your vulnaribilities. The more attachements you have, the more entrances you have.
And entrances are differently guarded. And the attacks can be combined. The more dice’s (one die) you have, you are more prone one of them is a six.

breaking rules:
One school is, you have to learn the rules to break them.
That’s true if shock-value or peer-appreciation is your goal.
This should never be the goal of creation.
Creation is not about other people; their minds or what they think or feel. Creation is about you. Creation is you.

Are you humble?
Are you stupid!

Breaking ego is.. sort of a humbeling thing. You see your place in the creation.
Also, it’s all about you. And what you make of it. And you can think MONEY, FAME. You can think JOY, HAPPINESS.
You can start to juggle these: Oh.. I want a grand deal of money, but a little of joy also. And then you are bullshit.

You don’t juggle with happiness.