The Lady Vain

Everything he wrote: in Haiti; Spain:
girly girls and Boise; Maine –
in therapy; inapt; insane;
in the dinghy-boat of the Lady Vain.

A dory where your words still smote;
a sheap-herds cote; a roar; a roat;
a hooded cloak: a black capote;
a kite; a kote; a sheit; a shoat.

And a brand emits a stench; a smoke.
Judge Judy Dench, awhile, awoke.

A bagatelle; a cutlet; a fillét; a steak.
A pond; a pool; a depth; a lake.
A vigil held; a corpse; a wake.
A pond; a pool; a depth; a lake.

Middle finger; middle-men; a midwife admist Amen.
Thor and Odin: axe and eye.
Handle with care. Spell X, Z, Y.