Nathan Stolpman Conspiracy

Hey! Why should I be left out? I also want to come up with exciting theories full of mystery and conspiracy. I also want to fight this bogey-man called the Deep State.. or the REM-sleep.

So, here it is:

Nathan Stolpman of Lift the Veil interviews himself

Nathan and the Garbage-man

The acting educated Nathan Stolpman playing role 1 to the left and role 2 to the right. Colored lenses, magnifying glasses, hairpiece, a cap, a close shave, dentals and a prosthetic chin with the lower lip partly overpainted. The rest is light, angles and acting.

Most conspiracy-shows now a day start up with a little technical issues. This is a trick to catch attention from the viewers. The mild irritation is wanted. Then they say: “oh, the hidden hand does everything to stop us!”.

Every single conspiracy-actor have had a public break-down. This is part of the sell-in. You have to sell in to sell out.

When they have nothing else to talk about, they discuss each-other. But they are one. They all use the code-word: “boom!”

Nathan Stolpman belongs to the vapors-faction. He is controlled from the UK and his handler is actually not his cat, but his wife.

So, there it is! My brand new; unique conspiracy theory. Bon apetit!

Comming up:
Nathan is Bart.
The connection to Phil.
and “Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?”

Polarization Nation Illustrated says that:
“Last Phantom NaN”, “Lanthanon St. map”, “Ashman not plant”, “Napa months lant” and “Maltha pont anns” are anagrams.

Reading faces

Most people are easy to read. The more they want to hide something, the more they show it off. The “altered” people are more difficult.
By altered I mean, people whose emotional foundation isn’t most common;
ordinary or standard.
But then those emotional alterations is eight times out of ten easy to spot and then you have to adjust the reading.

Take a little known guy like Nathan Stolpman for example. Hard to read, some would say. But if you seen him pressed and unstable, you’d know a lot.

We know when the Brooklyn sounding “For sure!” entered. We know when the script-kid-term “boom!” came along . We also know the three stages of his voice changing.

stage 1: love me! love me! love me! I have so much truth to tell you!
stage 2: why is everybody always pickin’ on me.
stage 3: my survival is secured. I can relax now!

He is also one of the very, very few, who can focus so hard on something that a clown can pet him on his head without him paying it any attention. And that – I promise you – is a  skill!