Spick and spec

This world is full of people,
my granny used to say.
“You can not know them all
and it is easier that way”.

“They’re joined in constellations
all across the velvet black.
Fixed and in a motion.
They leave and they come back”.

The spiders and the weavers;
the spies and the deceivers;
the owls and the achievers;
the hunters and retrievers.
The spic and spec and multitudes..
and jews.

Some people think they’re chosen
(as if you could chose a plague)
They want to give God biaz
preferring pretzel to a bagel.

They have this holy book,
they wrote themselves. Hurrah!
They say: “Look what God has told us!
It’s the word, it is the law.”

The spiders and the weavers…