Sherlock Holmes

I love Sherlock Holmes. There! It’s said.
I know him. I know there are four novels and 52 short-stories without consulting Internet (which would tell me there are 54 short-stories and a fifth novella).

I do not care. I care about Sherlock. So many have tried to imitate the style. The ones I found and found OK are: John Dickson Carr & Adrian Conan Doyle .

The ones I do not like are too many.

So why is Brett the best moving Holmes we have?
The series is true to the word. No inventions or insertions. Still, Brett injects something into Sherlock not there before.

It’s like Jeeves and Wooster. Still waiting for the script; the actors and the time and love that needs investing. We have the two friends who tried it out. Not so good.

We also wait for a good Ignatius Reilly; someone to grasp August Strindbergs greatness; a portrait of Hamsun’s figure from Hunger; an end to the morons Auster, Ecco and Rushdie.

Stop talking about the Beat-poets! It’s enough!!
If I would kill for a tale.. it would be for Sherlock Holmes.

[I might add to this. I might certainly remove it.]

+adding: Steph King will soooon publish his remake of “The invisible man” by H.G. Wells (a great little book I love to read and re-read).

+When will a not stupid Poirot appear? The moustache-shitting, hair-net imbecile, short, fat little bastard we are presented with is not good enough.
We need a Poirot who makes “Final Curtain” count!

+And fucking ADD the info from Kafkas diary and letters into the story! You know an author is EVERYTHING.. not the selected words you bone-pickers choose.

Can shoe-burger play a C-chord with a 6:th, a major 7 and 11? On cam. Well, let’s leave that to the estate.

about me: I hate making transitions; I hate refining and idea when it’s already there; I never do things I hate.