Reading faces

Most people are easy to read. The more they want to hide something, the more they show it off. The “altered” people are more difficult.
By altered I mean, people whose emotional foundation isn’t most common;
ordinary or standard.
But then those emotional alterations is eight times out of ten easy to spot and then you have to adjust the reading.

Take a little known guy like Nathan Stolpman for example. Hard to read, some would say. But if you seen him pressed and unstable, you’d know a lot.

We know when the Brooklyn sounding “For sure!” entered. We know when the script-kid-term “boom!” came along . We also know the three stages of his voice changing.

stage 1: love me! love me! love me! I have so much truth to tell you!
stage 2: why is everybody always pickin’ on me.
stage 3: my survival is secured. I can relax now!

He is also one of the very, very few, who can focus so hard on something that a clown can pet him on his head without him paying it any attention. And that – I promise you – is a  skill!