Random memories of Donald

..told my various sources

“We remember his PR-genius”, Cecil Körperbohne muses. He was the one that suggested we’d change our city-slogan to “WE LOVE BOISE” and printed up free Tees with “BOISE, BOISE, BOISE”.

“NAMPA RISES – IDAHO FALLS” was also one of Donalds’ slogans.
But he struck gold with “IDAHO – JUST ANOTHER STATE”, which resulted in Idaho suing Trump for possession of everything he had – which he denied and was instead jailed for contempt of court. His defence was admittance of contempt of the courthouse, but having vague feelings close to a sensation of void regarding the court itself unless they where in session.

“As president”, sources close to the W.H. says, “he always believe he has an upper hand dealing with internal affairs, because of his special interest in proctology”.

Two representatives of United Artists remember Donald Trump showing them his ass (a donkey named Camilla). One of them saw just a crescent while the other saw the whole of the moon. The witness agrees it might have been the angle.

Another story – first told in Barbara Bush’s memoirs “Happy-go-lucky little me!” – describes Donald as a little school-boy being obsessed or obese. Which or if: by what, she can’t recall.

“He wore his heart at his sleeve”, she remembers. “And his leave was a loss”, she oracles and then digress sulkily into memories of rose-buds and phenomenons of unclear origin.

“I’ll never forget where I was when JFK was shot”, Donald himself tells the Rolling Stone Magazine, late August 1988.

“I was in mime-class. Behind an invisible pane of glass. A strong wind almost swept me away, but luckily I got hold of a rope.”