One and one, and impaired
to the subready hare.
Three of them found a cure for heavens ache.

The cowards found a book.
They’re quoting Capt. Cook
and are dressin’ up the messin’ up of Newtown.

The window-shopping squad
pretend they can afford.
But there’s a price-tag on their dreams – the stair’s too steep.

The coward took a look and alarmed Capt. Hook.
He was fakin’ up the making-up of Newtown.

Account-door (run by Google translate)

You have opened an account-door,
so you can go inside.
Through the blood – it saves me.
And he held his own.

Going home

You and me chasing dragons;
crossing borders
all day long.

You and me taunting red-heads;
duckin dutchmen all day long.

Going home. We’re on our way home.