Clarence threw a monkey-wrench in the cogs of the voting machine
– What you’re doing?
– Eh.. I.. I don’t know.

Clarence said to Homer: Can you hear the sirens sing?
Homer answered: No. Don’t hear a thing.

You live in a world of democracy,
telling yourself it’s all right what you’re doing to me.
Since I’m free. Free in your democracy.

Chester came on early through the pearly, pearly gates;
joined the queue to wait with his plate.

You live in a world of democracy…

Mr Jones, what are you doing?
What are you doing, Mr Jones?
– What’s it to yah?
– Well, I’d say!

You live in a world of democracy…




Holly Golly! Where’s my ride?

The tribes of Israël are camp.
They’re gettin’ closer – gettin’ closer.
The morse-code of the blinkin’ eye
Dayan’s in the tunnels; ham and rye!
Nail and tooth; cut-and-paste;
Holly-Golly! Clay appraised.
Fadin’. Fadin’ like the tide.
And where’s my ride?