Do not shop

whenever i tell you that
you are wrong
you’ll spring up
and you will
start a song

a song and a dance about
how just you are
i would not take it
take it that far

and you will point out
that my socks do not match
and you’ll make certain that
the egg never hatch.

the meek and me

We’d been out at sea
– the meek and me
now, row the boat ashore up the firth!
we where not holding hands
and we made no demands
as the meek shall inherit the earth.

And we made it ashore
thru the Cumbrian door
Land ho! Over younder was Perth.
and though the aussies where there
we did not beware
as the meek shall inherit the earth.

In the heavens above
where the air’s filled with love
and one knows not of sadness and dearth
they said : if you don’t care
you can stay down there
as the meek and inherit the earth.

Without no resentment, we struggled on,
not quite happy, but sensing a mirth.
On this piece of soil, we would labour and toil.
We’re the meek that inherited the earth.

Look at the sun!
Look at the moon!
Look at the bee and the bird!
As a stupid git squats down to shit,
you will inherit his turd.

Random notes..

..thinking as I type

People point to the old testament and they say: “This is the same story that was told thousands of years before. They just stole it.”

That’s one way to interpret it. One could also speculate: it happened before.. the same way. There is a repetition of events that keeps recycling.

Could that theory explain why we now see obviously manufactured events? Is this a way to hasten events? Trying to change events destined to occur?

We look at God in the old testament. What kind of God is it? It punishes people. It makes deals with the devil. It creates snakes in Eden. It tells Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. It plagues and tortures Job. And it goes on and on.

Enter the non-Jewish, new testament. Now God is silent mostly. His son Jesus is sent to earth in an attempt to be godlike in human form. The plan is for him to be a Scape-goat or a sacrificial lamb. Humans will after his death be without sin.

Isaac was, in the old testament, saved by the bell. An angel told Abraham to instead sacrifice a ram.

Where do we see the ram? Where is the rams’ horn resounding? Ramses. Hi-Ram Abiff.

One could speculate the ram symbolises a way out of human sacrifice.

So, is devil-worship actually a way to rid ourselves from the evil God that demand human blood? And the church that drink blood and eat flesh?

Obey me! The God says.

Or I will kill you! I will kill your family.

The cult described as satanic said: I am God. You are God. We are God.

Follow you heart and your calling. Do not follow dictates from a God that demand your family’s blood. Sacrifice not the human, but the ram!

And Isaac married Rebecca (i think) and they had Jacob.. or Israel. Izzy is in the eye of the beholder. As an eye is a well.

People in the old stories are not people. They are tribes, groups and kingdoms. They are areas of land. They are countries.

Your feeling is it!

Vesta-gate within

Spinoza, Reich, Kafka..

Nietzsche and Kirkegaard: Emperors new clothes.

Nathan Stolpman Conspiracy

Hey! Why should I be left out? I also want to come up with exciting theories full of mystery and conspiracy. I also want to fight this bogey-man called the Deep State.. or the REM-sleep.

So, here it is:

Nathan Stolpman of Lift the Veil interviews himself

Nathan and the Garbage-man

The acting educated Nathan Stolpman playing role 1 to the left and role 2 to the right. Colored lenses, magnifying glasses, hairpiece, a cap, a close shave, dentals and a prosthetic chin with the lower lip partly overpainted. The rest is light, angles and acting.

Most conspiracy-shows now a day start up with a little technical issues. This is a trick to catch attention from the viewers. The mild irritation is wanted. Then they say: “oh, the hidden hand does everything to stop us!”.

Every single conspiracy-actor have had a public break-down. This is part of the sell-in. You have to sell in to sell out.

When they have nothing else to talk about, they discuss each-other. But they are one. They all use the code-word: “boom!”

Nathan Stolpman belongs to the vapors-faction. He is controlled from the UK and his handler is actually not his cat, but his wife.

So, there it is! My brand new; unique conspiracy theory. Bon apetit!

Comming up:
Nathan is Bart.
The connection to Phil.
and “Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?”

Polarization Nation Illustrated says that:
“Last Phantom NaN”, “Lanthanon St. map”, “Ashman not plant”, “Napa months lant” and “Maltha pont anns” are anagrams.


Tracy said you where dead.
Ah-uhm, I guess she was mistakin’.

Chaney said there’s a hole in everything.
Ah-Uhm, and that’s how the crack gets in.

And I don’t wanna spend a lot of time on this.