(by popular demand)

[see how the right silhouette is like a cut-out. See how the nose is casting no shadow. How twisted a portrait.

Maybee go to BORODANTE and learn how to do things “properly”.]

the both

I would like to define a strategy. This is not a strategy. It’s a truth and it’s a fake.
There is no conflict. It holds all positions.
The spec have emotions. The spec have an ‘I’.
The spec are presented with answers, solutions and remedys.. to calm down and heed on.

The spec then is sent to scenario: boat on ocean and storm. fear.
then the spec is sent a simple image called answer.

I have this image. In my image we are ants in a jar. In my image we try to scale the wall.
In my image: this is all a joke. It’s an emotion.. the grandest collection of emotions you could possibly
think of. All hope and joy is there. Every bit of fear is there. It’s everything.

Describing it is pointless. Like describing colors to a blind. But what you find is that deep, deep down
in the worst and the hurt is joy. And the joy is hurt. And it’s a joke..

No one is laughing. It’s not that kind of joke. When you see it you laugh in hurt.

And you can go there. And you can “talk” to these. They present themselves in trinity.
Just for you. It’s sort of a trick. And it’s you.

After service you mingle. You got your wings. It’s a bit boring, actually.

Then? Well.. hybris and a sense of acute importance; a will to tell and explain the answer to everyone.
Until you find out: this is only you.



Idioten lill-eklund anser det bevisat att “GUD” inte finns eftersom PSYKOLOGER är den yrkesgren som MINST TROR på GUD.
Därmed – anser idioten lill-eklund – är det tydligt och klart att GUD enbart finns i PSYKET och därmed INTE FINNS.

SÅ: psyket finns inte på riktigt enligt lill-eklund.

I, me and myself har ingen aning om huruvida gud finns eller inte. Sigge, idioten, Eklund tror att han är smart för att han kan finna på en kedja. Han pekar på den ena länken och menar att den förutsätter nästa. Eftersom den finns där. Eftersom idioten kan se den. Så han bevisar sig själv. Och det var ju duktigt.

a portion of code

I would like to see just one, little portion of code from the people who claim to be programmers.
These days you just say: I program artificial intelligence. My AI is called Indra.

Code says a lot about the person behind the lines. It really says it all.
There is no way you can make-believe you are a programmer and then show off code that says you are not.

In my world there are programmers and then there is scripters.
Both use the infrastructure made by excellence. Do not confuse an excellence with a programmer.
A programmer is a user that can create with syntax. A scripter is a user who can create from other peoples creations from syntax but can not use the full syntax themselves.
An excellence create syntax. The oblivion is the machine.