Nu har jag skaffat en rosa bok, där jag skriver upp mina texter.
Ser Kalle Anka med kallikå i glashuset med växter.
Kalle K har en kringla, han. Han är persona non-grata.
På vernisagen, där minglar han. Han ställer ut våran gata.

Just imagine

Caitlin boogey & Astrid 4 (remake)

Gaylord Mathis Mole sat on his face and proclaimed the substance.
”Nevermore again, the soldier will be polished.”
He stole the base; he kept his phase; he wept a case of burden.
Gaylord Mathis Mole was spotted in advance.
The chance; the opportunity; the wilder card enhanced.

The Funk delayed the unpaved maid and upset her romance.
And this was that. And that was this. By heart we know our chance.

ASTRID är ute på vägen igen.
Hon fattar inte att vägen är Zen.
“Malört har jag smakat förrut!”
Hon har fått vägen – men vägen är slut.
Astrid är född 1947.


“As the manufactured polarisation spread and the different factions, paid by the same puppeteer and cheered on by politicians and media, is hard-trolling reality social unrest will reach new levels. Police will not be allowed to handle the situation and all media will simultaneously demand a European para-military police peace-force. This will be a great success to begin with.”
[songs from my ass]


Oh, I forgot to say: Nothing bad is ever going to happen to you. This world is super-safe that way.

The Chaffs Union

The class is in uproar;
the class was dismissed.
Teachers taking spring-break
to the students dismay.
All the charges been dropped.
They’ve been discharged.
The Chaffs union dismantled;
the Civic movement perpetuate.

Book of the weak


An army of sorts. It’s very old. Most people have no idea they are in.
Some suspect they might be. It’s almost impossible to talk about.
It’s very rubber-hose-safe, because no-one knows anything.
You are selected; tried out and then your in. There are spotters; spies; order-givers of different magnitude. The world is not what you think.
PR never worked on the masses the way they say. The masses was not the target. The co-creators can be manipulated. Not so much now. Defences are under installation.

Good read for anyone, but the Chaffs.