Nathan Stolpman Conspiracy

Hey! Why should I be left out? I also want to come up with exciting theories full of mystery and conspiracy. I also want to fight this bogey-man called the Deep State.. or the REM-sleep.

So, here it is:

Nathan Stolpman of Lift the Veil interviews himself

Nathan and the Garbage-man

The acting educated Nathan Stolpman playing role 1 to the left and role 2 to the right. Colored lenses, magnifying glasses, hairpiece, a cap, a close shave, dentals and a prosthetic chin with the lower lip partly overpainted. The rest is light, angles and acting.

Most conspiracy-shows now a day start up with a little technical issues. This is a trick to catch attention from the viewers. The mild irritation is wanted. Then they say: “oh, the hidden hand does everything to stop us!”.

Every single conspiracy-actor have had a public break-down. This is part of the sell-in. You have to sell in to sell out.

When they have nothing else to talk about, they discuss each-other. But they are one. They all use the code-word: “boom!”

Nathan Stolpman belongs to the vapors-faction. He is controlled from the UK and his handler is actually not his cat, but his wife.

So, there it is! My brand new; unique conspiracy theory. Bon apetit!

Comming up:
Nathan is Bart.
The connection to Phil.
and “Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?”

Polarization Nation Illustrated says that:
“Last Phantom NaN”, “Lanthanon St. map”, “Ashman not plant”, “Napa months lant” and “Maltha pont anns” are anagrams.