Light on Trond Plaskeby

”Trond Plaskeby always did go for the grandest of explanations”, his aunt Turid resolutes.
“Some boys at school vented the wheels on his bicycle, and he was sure it was a ginger man and that sweet little old lady who minded the emporium.
They where innocent, of course .. at least of that. But he persisted. And when the woman died many years later from heart failure, he was seen for several months, protesting at the cemetery with a sign that said DEATH FAKER!”

In his later years, after blaming the death of the Swedish politician Olof Palme on Palme’s own wife, he found it best leaving Sweden for Spain where he did his best avoiding the plaines.

Hot for the movies but lacking acting-skills, he signed up as an extra but was mostly covering different cutting-room floors. Finaly he had a break in a del Toro movie as a bad example and demanded a diploma for this. His wish was granted.

During this time he also started an underground fanzine about the swedish child-book author Astrid Lindgren.
“He had four subscribers”, Leonid Baskercombie remembers. “Alas, one of them Astrid Lindgren”.

When Trond accused her of being the mastermind behind moving the Spanish stairs to Italy, she had enough and sent the director Ingmar Bergman to talk some sense into Trond.
“It was a bad choice sending Ingmar”, Sven Nyqvist recalls in his diary. “Trond and Ingmar rapidly became friends and started a taverna.

Trond elevated himself to pastry-chef and Ingmar responded swiftly by 86-ing every dish. They also scolded and accused every guest who dared to enter the premises.”

The pair cooked their last meal together on the roof of the restaurant, throwing eggs in the face of a great number of passers by on the street below while singing “Feed the world”.
Ravi Shankar was invited but arrived to late, by a fortnight, and without his sitarr.

By then Ingmar was in France avoiding tax while Trond was walking on egg-shells. The taverna “Whites only, no yoke” and the bistro “Tapastry Inc” was under lock and key.

Trond filed a partnership with Cory Snotass; joined forces with argonaut Mason Slechtjahr of the Youtube-channel “Truth for sale!” and the rest is vital.

In conclusion Rusty Bike and Manly Isle of the conspiracy podcast “Put the tail on the donkey” made a special appearance and then vanished very plainly.