Israel-Robyn är utsedd till Miss Nöjd efter att en scengångare funnit på att retro-prutta i en bronsmic när det femtioåriga underbarnet övade på nässång. Den tusenhövdade skaran kastade Pesetas och Kip efter henne fast hon önskade publikens Rubel.

Ass-Tread “lightly” Lintlimb (the author of pappy long-stuffing) have had her hourly grave-shift. During (and under) the press-conference some journalist stared at her; asked questions and even fired a camera in her face. He is now sent to China as a treat.

It now seems obvious that it was Karl Marx who wrote “Mein Kampf” and a young Adolf Hitler who wrote “Das Kapitäl”. The jews still wrote the bible.

Stephen King is working on a new novel. It will be 600 pages but released as three books á 200 pages. The books will be glued together by Owen and sold by Joe Hill at airports. Some heroin-whore is there to attest that every copy has a strand of Kurt Cobains hair included.

“It’s very easy these days”, King jests, “to write a story that is a New Yorker #1 bestseller”. If it’s not that, it will be clad in some other made-up prize of nothingness: “Bibliographs monthly honorary mention” or something at LEAST!

“A boy will meet a monster. He can not fight the monster himself. So he has to form a ka-teth of youth. ‘Mong them is a cute little lassie they all fuck to keep the monster away for another twenty years”, King explains from his caravan where he has written so many a story.

“My best stories I don’t even remember having written”, King offers lightly. Someone asked me about Roland yesterday, and I forgot who he was!”.

“I talked to Spielberg. He has the same problem. ‘ET? He said to me. I don’t know that schmuck!’. He’s gotten into this jiddish-phase also.. it’s abit disheartening.. over here.. in Atlantis.”

I can holler at the scholar.
But I can’t make him go.. away.
I want stupid little Cupid
to explain his new array.

Owen B – I O U
Cant you see Niburu?
It is there, in the plains.
Excavating all explains.

Grow a beard. Grow a pair.
Grow a garden. It aint fair.
It’s a butt-lense; it’s a shape;
it’s a form.. of rape.