Hung up on Tom D

Take a little known Youtuber as “Sift the Frail”. Behind the somewhat rugged name we find a lounger baptised in flames and water to bear the name Ismaël Zorkin-Goldhosen.
One day he found out that a web-forum thrived when you let loose haters and trolls. Then you could show your few fan-boys-and-girls you where important enough to hate. And they felt an urge to come to the rescue. And that investment was not easy to free oneself from. If you defended a person once. You’d do it twice. Soon you find yourself defending that person whatever.
“Because we have such a warm cosy forum here. People who known each-other and it’s ALL because of Ismaël!”

It didn’t matter if Ismaël pooped his pants or snorted coke live.

As long as “Granny-Fatpants” would log in and holler “Hi Caitlin! Did you find that article?”

And “Yes”, she did. And it was “absolutely fab!”
“So happy for you, deary.”

What’s that? Hawaiian noises?
It’s Jimboo411. He found his cat.
Hooray! But don’t forget to spill salt beside your bed to keep the bad spirits off.

Give weirdos a warm, cosy space and they will defend this place to the bitter end. Same as with drunkards gathering together in the little restaurant. Soon the owner has no other clients. And the clients do not welcome other diners. This is OUR place.
And the owner have to get personal and protective with his motley crew. And they have a club-house. Everybody’s happy.

But sometimes you need to stir the waters to remind everybody that this safe, warm, cuddly place is not a given. It has to be defended. And after each battle won, the strings of attachment grow stronger.
We are scared in battle! We have memories together!

“Shiiit! Ismaël has 100 viewers.”
“That’s not much when he says he has 20 000 prescribing. What’s that? One in two-hundred has an interest. One-hundred and ninety-nine can’t even be bothered. 19 900 people chose NOT to show up. That’s fame for ya.”
[BLOCKED FOR LIFE] (We have a code of conduct in our forum!)

How come a blacksmith forging an axe has 700 000 views? A man repairing a carburettor has 1,3 million views?
Could it be that people have better things to do and things to learn? Maybe it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to hear vague accusations and made-up causality all day. Maybe people want to build; create; learn; educate themselves; see real things..

Nah.. it’s better to get Ismaël-facts where Soros is a paedophile because his name rhymes with “lemonade” and can be read both ways in a one-way mirror.

Or let’s go see Wranglestar off-grid homesteading while using more electricity and power-tools than is recommended.