How to create #3 – between

Killing your ego is not a freeing thing. It’s a blanking thing.
You are very vulnerable. And especially, you are very vulnerable to input.
It’s a forming state.

This is why breaking is a wanted state for some people who want to brake – not themselves, but other people. So, they can form them.
Since braking means leaving everything behind, the less amount of attachment you have, the easier it is to break you. Therefore some, ugly, shitty people focus on socially disconnected and children. Beware of ugly, shitty people. (and I will tell you later how to spot them).
You must be the master builder of your house.

Back to the actual creation:
I’ve gone through the basics: do not listen to criticism (or praise). Before I say something about creating, I need to make you focus on a picture:

What is art? What is creation?
and who told you?
You know, this and that painter and dancer, and why he or she was good or not, and then became famous. 

Fame is not part of creation. Cult is not part of creation. We are now individuals and must go alone. Not conform. We come from one, so we have a natural tendency to group together even harder than the family bonds or the need for protection could answer for. Our instinct is to become one again. But this is not why we are here.

We are very educated. But in the wrong way. Education is a thief. It steals.
Do not trust education. Do not trust titles. Do not trust anything they say about this world. It’s not true. Not until you have discovered it yourself.

After you focused your creativity and intuition together with this void of everything.. you see a result. Do not judge it. Do not compete with it. Just let it be. And then start again.