How to create #2 – the intention

If you loose your intention, there is nothing left. What is a creation without its intention. It’s nothing. Beware of this.
The intention is the burning-point of your focus.. if you are a magnifying-glass. And you are.

It’s hard work, but it doesn’t have to be. It can just be.
For it to just be, you’ll need to die.

I’m sorry. That’s what it takes. No way around it. I know it sounds hard and almost impossible. But you can do it.
Again.. beware. Because you will be sold a ticket.. an easy way out.
This can not be done the easy way. Because you must be convinced this would kill you. And at stage, you’d have to accept your death and cast of your shield.

Life will do this to you. At some point.
You can hasten it. It would mean: cast away everything that binds you to this existence. Cast away your pride; your vanity.. see the ugly face that is yours and say “i own this face”.
And then it will be over. Can you love again? Can you care again? Do you dare again?