He washes his hands
He wipes with a towel with writing on it.
The bliunds are closed behind him.
He has blackened his lips (blood drinking)
He wears an apron (Free Masonry)
The apron is decorated with Santa (Satan)
He carvs into the meat
He cut’s up the turkey
as the monkey-man appears on the wall behind him.
As he moves away, a shadow shaped like a pyramid with no capstone
is visible.
He prepares the stuffing but never uses it to stuff the turkey.
It’s Thanksgiving?

Two black-an-white photos on the wall. One in black passepartout, one with a black frame.
A second window with closed blinds is visible.
Four knives in a stand behind him. One knife was used to carve the bird.
Five knives total.
Bottles: oil and vinegar?

He waves in front of the lilies then send something to do with Barcley Bank.

He drinks from a royal cup
(writing on the cup)
He wears black
There are white flowers (funeral) in the background
Are those lilies? = Lilith
“As the lilies on the ground”
He puts on his crypto-ring, or freternal ring while
doing a hand sign.

His final word: Miss me!
And then the Ellery Queen-music (?)

I don’t believe he is trying to get his job back. I guess he is trying to secure his money.