By and by I, me and my
and a damsel in distress,
waited in the bottled gin
with a sign: do not transgress.

What keeps this issue from
taking afloat is it’s gravity.

“I got a lot and that is not
a reason to confere”,
I said to her and she said “sure!”
“These hides are in transfer.”

What keeps this issue…

She fained a smile – it took a while
(the dead are coming back).
She said: “You boys, have just one choice
and that choice is heart-attack.”

What keeps this issue…


as her guy was lost in the boer war
he was fashionably late
late in august late in spring
this late husband of hers
was found to disperse a glove and a purse
to boot

he was pensive then in former shape
with his ascot wife and his stepford niece
the octopus wore its coat of arms
unique selling point
an appointed star
fell over board
hull and stern
this year of our lord
burn baby burn

last summer i went swimming
last summer i nearly drowned
but the water parted so sweat and sad sure
as the clansmen bronzed the apple core
i saw a pig it was a boor
the second storie was not in store
we saw a mountain
we see no more
the gruesome details about al gore