the book

The old people tried to warn us. They told us what to look out for and how to handle certain things.
For one thing: we where told it is not a very good idea to react to things you are told is happening before you know that they are indeed happening.
Because, you know, we can be told anything.
We could be told that in the absolute vacuum of space 1+1 is not 2.

You could be told the earth is running out of water.

You could be told you are a racist trying to protect your land from invasion.

You should not believe everything you are told. In fact.. you should most often not believe anything you are told.

You must have noticed that more and more areas of knowledge we where once able to check ourselves have moved into areas where the expert rule.

Long ago special people could look at the intensines from a little dead animal and predict the future. This was not a talant every farmhand had.

For a long time priests told the bible in latin. Up on stage they mumbo-jumboed pig-latin no one in the congregation understood.
The priests had to go to special-school to learn pig-latin.

Who could argue with you if you are the only one that can read in the book we suppose contains the truth? Who can check it?
And that’s the point. No one can check. We need to believe we are told the truth. And then the truth changes. And we get used to it.
And soon there is no truth.

Idiots are happy with that. They put on their fake face of deep knowledge and mime: “There are no absolute truths” and “Everything is relative”. But they don’t understand what those statements mean.. or the implications they bring.
Under those new laws you are always guilty in a court of law. Yeah, sure.. you are right.. but, that’s unrelated in this relative court.
They are sawing off the limb they are sitting on happy with the idea that up is down if you stand on your head.

I’ve seen this among people who would have no benefit from acting high-priest. Let’s say they have a machine.. an engine. And they say: “oh, this is a very special machine. No one could operate it but me. It is very delicate and special.”
And you observe. And you see. And you learn. And you see they are actually doing it wrong. They spray the carburettor full of gas and then pretend they are gods of the machine for making it cough into action.

Sometimes they act this way to hide their true ignorance. Sometimes to make-pretend they are engine-wizards. Sometimes it’s both.

A true person has no reason hiding what he knows or what he doesn’t know.

That’s why the fake-new-world is using actors. If an ordinary person is telling a lie, it is a lie. If an actor does it, it is acting and a job.

The bible story is on it’s third or more cycle of lie.
“Uh, you know the romans took the bible and translated it into latin. It was in hebrew first”.
But they forget the jews translated the story into hebrew themselves.
The original story is now so missing in translation, we can not rely on it anymore.

And you can hide the message in language. But you must also keep the relevance and importance of the book.

Because there is a problem. A big problem.
The message was not only in a book. It is also in us.
They can burn, destroy, hide and fake the book as much as they please. Someone will always write it again.


as her guy was lost in the boer war
he was fashionably late
late in august late in spring
this late husband of hers
was found to disperse a glove and a purse
to boot

he was pensive then in former shape
with his ascot wife and his stepford niece
the octopus wore its coat of arms
unique selling point
an appointed star
fell over board
hull and stern
this year of our lord
burn baby burn

last summer i went swimming
last summer i nearly drowned
but the water parted so sweat and sad sure
as the clansmen bronzed the apple core
i saw a pig it was a boor
the second storie was not in store
we saw a mountain
we see no more
the gruesome details about al gore