Lundell & Läckberg

  • Lundell kritiserade kvaliteten på Läckbergs skriftställning.
  • Läckberg gav ett honorar till Kivik Art Center och “Himlatrappan” som Ulf Lundell uttryckt sin avsky inför.
  • Lundell skänkte pengar till en fond för unga gossar som utnyttjats sexuellt.
  • Läckberg slet ner en svärdfisk från väggen på en pizzeria i Borås.
  • Lundell påminde om en grekisk adelsdam som lät sig lägras av hela sin armé.
  • Läckberg påminde Lundell om att hans första fru suttit på psyk och är död.
  • Lundell drog igång en motorsåg.
  • Läckberg drog igång ett twitterdrev.

Bättre: Camilla Läckberg sponsrade ett nytt, översta trappsteg på himlatrappan med 250 000 kronor. Hela bedrägeriet med Kivik Artcenter skulle falla samman. Lundell skulle kunna hävda att eftersom “konstverket” är under byggnation och föränderligt, är det inte vad KAC påstår. Alla skulle bli nöjda.

The weakness

“And now you SEE!”, he says. So silly. Everyone can spot it. He has a weakness. He needs to be right in the eyes of others.
Another one shoots glances over his shades. He hints on greatness past that belongs to him. He says: “And now EVERYBODY SEE!”.

No one sees a thing. They see you acting ape.
Grown men living with mama and papa. Making Utube on the potty. Oh!
What will he be when he grows up? Destined for greatness!

Zwishen di Berg


“As the manufactured polarisation spread and the different factions, paid by the same puppeteer and cheered on by politicians and media, is hard-trolling reality social unrest will reach new levels. Police will not be allowed to handle the situation and all media will simultaneously demand a European para-military police peace-force. This will be a great success to begin with.”
[songs from my ass]

Oh, I forgot to say: Nothing bad is ever going to happen to you. This world is super-safe that way.

Book of the weak


An army of sorts. It’s very old. Most people have no idea they are in.
Some suspect they might be. It’s almost impossible to talk about.
It’s very rubber-hose-safe, because no-one knows anything.
You are selected; tried out and then your in. There are spotters; spies; order-givers of different magnitude. The world is not what you think.
PR never worked on the masses the way they say. The masses was not the target. The co-creators can be manipulated. Not so much now. Defences are under installation.

Good read for anyone, but the Chaffs.

Medias festliga “smällare”

När media rapporterar om små busiga killar som kastat en rackarns liten påsksmällis på konstapel Björk, är det ofta Cobra 8 med 100 grams krutladdning det handlar om. Smäller en sådan på ena sidan gatan går fönstren på de två första våningarna på andra sidan gatan sönder av tryckvågen.

Hörseln kan skadas permanent om denna exploderar i närheten. Det är sådana medias kelgrisar slänger in i köpcentrum där dom förts ut av väktare och på restauranger som inte betalar veckopengen.

Det här är ingen leksak. Det är en mindre handgranat.


Israel-Robyn är utsedd till Miss Nöjd efter att en scengångare funnit på att retro-prutta i en bronsmic när det femtioåriga underbarnet övade på nässång. Den tusenhövdade skaran kastade Pesetas och Kip efter henne fast hon önskade publikens Rubel.

Ass-Tread “lightly” Lintlimb (the author of pappy long-stuffing) have had her hourly grave-shift. During (and under) the press-conference some journalist stared at her; asked questions and even fired a camera in her face. He is now sent to China as a treat.

It now seems obvious that it was Karl Marx who wrote “Mein Kampf” and a young Adolf Hitler who wrote “Das Kapitäl”. The jews still wrote the bible.

Stephen King is working on a new novel. It will be 600 pages but released as three books á 200 pages. The books will be glued together by Owen and sold by Joe Hill at airports. Some heroin-whore is there to attest that every copy has a strand of Kurt Cobains hair included.

“It’s very easy these days”, King jests, “to write a story that is a New Yorker #1 bestseller”. If it’s not that, it will be clad in some other made-up prize of nothingness: “Bibliographs monthly honorary mention” or something at LEAST!

“A boy will meet a monster. He can not fight the monster himself. So he has to form a ka-teth of youth. ‘Mong them is a cute little lassie they all fuck to keep the monster away for another twenty years”, King explains from his caravan where he has written so many a story.

“My best stories I don’t even remember having written”, King offers lightly. Someone asked me about Roland yesterday, and I forgot who he was!”.

“I talked to Spielberg. He has the same problem. ‘ET? He said to me. I don’t know that schmuck!’. He’s gotten into this jiddish-phase also.. it’s abit disheartening.. over here.. in Atlantis.”

I can holler at the scholar.
But I can’t make him go.. away.
I want stupid little Cupid
to explain his new array.

Owen B – I O U
Cant you see Niburu?
It is there, in the plains.
Excavating all explains.

Grow a beard. Grow a pair.
Grow a garden. It aint fair.
It’s a butt-lense; it’s a shape;
it’s a form.. of rape.