PNI: Overlays is Tarot

Geometry is point. Then it’s two points. Then it’s a line between those points.

Then there are two lines. How do they relate?
And a third point, making a triangle.

Polarization Nation Media/illustraded is taking all those lines in his idea of an (absolute) overlay-method. He can’t find the key so he just fixes the images just as he pleases.. calling out numbers like 45, 33 or 68.

Looking at clouds!

This is bullshit!! Find an absolute method or shut up! And take your panting patreons with you. Out of my temple! Here is I!!!

being YOU is a disservice to man

You have a mind. There is a war in your mind.
A war between the odd and the even. Or a war between the “logic” and “emotion”.
You can be “square” or “artistic”. You can be “feeling” or “dead”.
You can be “rational” or “creative”.

What to kill? What to grow?

And you meet woman. She is not like you. She is not “logic” but she might also be not “creative” (by your standards). She is not “rational” but she is certainly not “dead”.

And she has a mind. And her mind is divided.

And she is weak. And you are strong. You can lift her in the air. She can not lift you. You can defend her against an attacker. She can not defend you against that attacker.


This is what you should listen to. Are you too stupid to hear the shift?

I beg to disagree

I’ve had reason to focus on anger.. the subject of anger.
It’s easy to recieve praise, compliments and love.
It is not easy to recieve rejection, anger or hate.

Both are emotions. Both – i will contend – are pure.

First: the filter.
What anger are we talking about?
It’s not the anger where you hit your head on a doorframe that was too low.
It’s not the anger when you see someone stealing your bike or digging up your garden flowers.
It’s not the anger when someone says “Cancer is all in the mind” and your father has been diagnosed and gone thru the first treatment.

It’s the anger with IT. How it IS. And how you can NOT make it NOT BE.
It’s the anger with PEOPLE being STUPID. And WORDS HURTING.
It’s the UNFAIRNESS of you not being IN CONTROL.


That is hell. And I’ve seen that. I’ve been there.
There is power. Not to declare, but to place: Power is there.
And I think that’t why it’s so hard to let go.

Letting go of power is a powerful thing.
You say no. I beg to disagree. I place myself on the ground. Looking up into your eyes.
And I beg. Beg to disagree.

What does that make you?

[from the archives: 24 Oct 2017]

if the creator ever talked…

..he’d never talked to Moses.
How do I know that?
Because Moses came down from the mountain with sheit!

“Do not look at my wife! Keep your hand’s of my camels and pay me with sheep if you dare forecast the idea that you know better than your parents.”

If the creator ever spoke, he might have suggested we should refrain from killing each other. He wouldn’t give a flying fuck about your sheep and the lust you bore for the neighbours daughter.

The ten commandments seems to be an attempt to create law and order among a specific group of people. It’s the law of man. It is created by man for man.

But I don’t think the creator ever talked. I suppose many talked for him; instead of him. Like ventriloquist bagpipe flamingos. Like children in a sandbox:

“My dad says your dads face look like poo.”
“Really? My dad says your dad can’t satisfy your mom.”

But then there is this.. sound of things and time paired with hard-wired galaxies within that almost is communication. But you need a sieve that lets the chaff pass.

Reinfeldt, jättebjörnlokan och göken

Vår miljonföreläsande f.d. statsminister Fredrik Reinfeldt – författare till boken “Det sovande folket” och myntare av begreppet “Sverige bestod enbart av barbari innan vi fostrades av andra folkslag” – håller föredrag i Tierp och Njutånger för en hundrahövdad skara lyssnare som bjudits dit av kommunens skattemedel.

Ämnet är jättebjörnlokan som invasiv växtart, där Fredrik hävdar att vi måste utrota allt som inte “växer naturligt” och som “sprider sig som ogräs” och “dessutom är giftiga om man kletar in sig med växtsaften”.

“Man kan faktiskt dö!”, säger Fredrik och tillägger “om man slutar andas samtidigt”.

Efter kaffepaus och bensträckare är det dags för akt två: “Gökens framgångsrika strategi”. Fredrik besjunger gökens metod att lägga egna ägg i andras bon och låta de stackars småfågelföräldrarna mata gökens mastodontunge medan deras egen avkomma långsamt svälter ihjäl.

“Vi hoppas på en trevlig kväll med öppna hjärtan”, låter Fredrik hälsa via ombud.

Where Borodante goes wrong

(in my opinion)

He did 3d. He didn’t do real life. He looked at a simulation and took impression.
He thought: “Ah! I get it!”.

I’m sure many painters felt that way. They saw “REAL” and they wanted to show.
Painters are journalists more than journalists themselves are.

But when you see a representation of reality and think: “ok, so the light is coming from the left; the secondary light-source is rigth-above.. and then the air-perspective. Now: function as a machine and fill in the gaps.

That is not being creative. Creativity can bend the light. Creativity can make the shadow of the nose be on the right side where the light comes from.

When you look at a painting, it’s only one thing that matters: the impression it has on you.


I don’t give a shit about bad shit you wanna paste on good shit.
“Use your will” is good shit.
“Take the consequences of your actions” is good shit.
“Respect other peoples will” is good shit.

When stupid people want to paint bad shit on good shit they use Hitler and Alistair Crowley. When they want to paint ugly fine, they use Jesus, Mother Theresa and Ghandi. (last two mostly forgotten today).

They use NAMES to call you names.

This is said:

  • “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”
  • “Love is the law, love under will”

It’s about INTENTION. What do you want? How to get there not inflicting on other peoples will. It’s not about YOU.. not about EGO. It’s about WILL.
And the rule that will must obey is LOVE.

When some other Guru said it: “Do onto others”.. it was all OK.

I don’t need pictures of Alistair Crowley. I don’t need to know that Jimmy Page bought his house. I don’t need to know any of your shit.
I just need to know the way.