I am the way.
I am the road.
I am ab vias
– that’s obvious.

I’m just a number.
I’m just a tale.
If you’re a teller,
then I’m the whale.

I am the light.
You are the eye.
I am the catcher.
I am the rye.

I am the blood,
the blood you spill.
When there is nothing,
I am that will.

I am the season.
I am the wind.
I am the thunder and rain
on the weekend.

I am the pie in your face.
I am the fall.
And I am nothing, nothing at all.

Sketch from mobile phone

Sol and Duke

Sol said to Duke: “Duke, play me a song!”
And Duke put the tail on the brothers Grimm.
Once he arose – such early awake – ‘for the world had put on it’s faces.

And he sang and he hummed. He played and he strummed.
He was a mimic before his mime.
He picked every scale. He scaled every top.
And soon it was said and then it was done.