Do not shop

whenever i tell you that
you are wrong
you’ll spring up
and you will
start a song

a song and a dance about
how just you are
i would not take it
take it that far

and you will point out
that my socks do not match
and you’ll make certain that
the egg never hatch.

the meek and me

We’d been out at sea
– the meek and me
now, row the boat ashore up the firth!
we where not holding hands
and we made no demands
as the meek shall inherit the earth.

And we made it ashore
thru the Cumbrian door
Land ho! Over younder was Perth.
and though the aussies where there
we did not beware
as the meek shall inherit the earth.

In the heavens above
where the air’s filled with love
and one knows not of sadness and dearth
they said : if you don’t care
you can stay down there
as the meek and inherit the earth.

Without no resentment, we struggled on,
not quite happy, but sensing a mirth.
On this piece of soil, we would labour and toil.
We’re the meek that inherited the earth.

Look at the sun!
Look at the moon!
Look at the bee and the bird!
As a stupid git squats down to shit,
you will inherit his turd.

Your feeling is it!

Vesta-gate within

Spinoza, Reich, Kafka..

Nietzsche and Kirkegaard: Emperors new clothes.


Tracy said you where dead.
Ah-uhm, I guess she was mistakin’.

Chaney said there’s a hole in everything.
Ah-Uhm, and that’s how the crack gets in.

And I don’t wanna spend a lot of time on this.

dra en vals