Sydsvenskan bistår

Vad gör Sydsvenskan här? Istället för att bara ange “ett vittne iakttog en pistol och ringde in en anmälan”, berättar Sydsvenskan exakt vem som anmälde och när.

Den misstänkte kan med hjälp av Sydsvenskan möjligtvis finna ut identiteten på anmälaren.

“Walla! Han med tändaren. Gula byxor. Knut i nacken.”

Så man kan verkligen undra vad fan Sydsvenskan sysslar med. Motarbetar varje tillfälle när medborgare vittnar, anmäler brott eller organiserar sig i grannsamverkan för att skydda sin egendom.

The waste

Things in writing I have not yet found use for:

“Time is a criminal.
A border is a line.
The subject is perceivable
in any given time.”

Don Camillo painted his
landlord, Al Fresco.
He was a man of many tunes.
He got his groceries from Tesco.

The cheese is full of holes and the trees are full of leaves.
By forcing perspective: we’re all liars and thieves.

We’re on a road to nowhere,
that cat and the mice.
They’re crying at the fun-fare,
by the sea and in the skies.

Now, Nike is a shoe
and Hitler was a jew.
Jesus was from Nazareth,
a pan and a skew.

The mist defied the gravity
of cases full of thieves.

The stage is full of actors, who take apart the roles.
The shoes are fit with souls, and the souls are full of holes.

Late summers day

What a wonderful day!
The sun is shining – the crickets chirp.
All the things we can do!
Together, through this perfect day.

But you say: you are stressed-out:
this is your only free day.
So, you focus on the things
you don’t have the energy to do.

You find me just annoying.
You find faults and call ’em true.

That’s us.. on this perfect late summers day.

What a wonderful day!
The apples ripe  and the sunflowers bloom.
There’s walnuts in the trees.
And the shed I built is full of fire-wood.

You sigh and call the apples
a chore too hard to do.
Soon the autumn’s here for real.
And the wind and rain to boot.

It’s my fault, you are tired.
My joy’s too much to handle.

That’s us.. on this perfect late summers day.

Spick and spec

This world is full of people,
my granny used to say.
“You can not know them all
and it is easier that way”.

“They’re joined in constellations
all across the velvet black.
Fixed and in a motion.
They leave and they come back”.

The spiders and the weavers;
the spies and the deceivers;
the owls and the achievers;
the hunters and retrievers.
The spic and spec and multitudes..
and jews.

Some people think they’re chosen
(as if you could chose a plague)
They want to give God biaz
preferring pretzel to a bagel.

They have this holy book,
they wrote themselves. Hurrah!
They say: “Look what God has told us!
It’s the word, it is the law.”

The spiders and the weavers…

What it is

Ferguson, Tribecca, Jones(something) Smith, TELLER.

When I was young. When I was young,
younger than today:
these songs where sung, when I was young.
Is Izzy here to stay?

When I was young. When I was young,
younger than today:
these songs where sung, when I was young.
Is he here today?

(Israël Jung minded his shop)

Tre dårar i orubbat bo


I said before that a person with few attachments are are more easy to break.
That is true.. but true to a degree.

The degree is this: Your attachements are your vulnaribilities. The more attachements you have, the more entrances you have.
And entrances are differently guarded. And the attacks can be combined. The more dice’s (one die) you have, you are more prone one of them is a six.

breaking rules:
One school is, you have to learn the rules to break them.
That’s true if shock-value or peer-appreciation is your goal.
This should never be the goal of creation.
Creation is not about other people; their minds or what they think or feel. Creation is about you. Creation is you.

Are you humble?
Are you stupid!

Breaking ego is.. sort of a humbeling thing. You see your place in the creation.
Also, it’s all about you. And what you make of it. And you can think MONEY, FAME. You can think JOY, HAPPINESS.
You can start to juggle these: Oh.. I want a grand deal of money, but a little of joy also. And then you are bullshit.

You don’t juggle with happiness.

How to create – a ritual

To create, you need a space. A physical space. This space is yours. Into this space come no others. This is your space. And it’s shielded.
You must know and feel you are in a creative space to get onto the creative stage. Because it is a stage.

Now you must remove all importance of the creation. It’s not important. It means nothing. At the same time it means everything.

There you find your intuition. Let the intuition move you. Do not fight your intuition. Do not argue or debate.

When people who know nothing of this, look at a painting, a poem or… a dance, they must speak to destroy. They say: “Who is this, you painted?”, “What did you think?”, “What does it mean?”. They know nothing. And do not let them fool you into any explanation or motivation. This is their loss.

You will find yourself tempted to change your creation.. better it. Make it more.. “perfect”. Streamlined. You want to remove the noise and the faults.
There is no noise. There are no faults. Everything you create is perfect.
If you want to do better: create anew.

You say it’s tragic,
the way I do things now.
I call it magick.
I call it anyhow.
You used to be so happy
when the medium was luke-warm.
But now you will not have this way
in any shape or form.


When Icke was around and Nate was in
– inate for debate, a dislike for the bike.
Mother Jones was on sale. The discount was good.
And it ships over seas, as Robin would.

But, would he really? Would Guthrie? Would you?
Impeccable infringement on a latter-day shoe;
Unconnectable dots in disconnected worlds;
In sensitive times: the sheep buy its heard.