A smile from Glasgow

She stod frozen and chanted
then she made a asserted moves
if we all stay to gather
we would all fit the groove

The marksmen stay put
outside the instigator’s drawn
A kingdom for a horse, the pawn said
check your bloody lawn

The sceptic tanks
the numbing nails
if similar strays
and ranks

Order! Gavel demands
rust cast aside
a Glasgow smile
Pewdiepied, enter tamed!
broken sky, defamed in style.

The music is a minor variation of the music (written by Ulf Peder Olrog) from the Swedish Television series “Teskedsgumman” (Mrs. Pepperpot) [from a book by the Norwegian author Alf Prøysen].

I hear some similarities to the Neil Young tune Hurricane.

Recording, I forgot to say SCEPTIC and not SEPTIC.. It was supposed to be “SCEPTIC TANKS”.

Går som en Tesla

..och som alla vet går det inget vidare för Elon Musk. Det har börjat viskas om att han bara hittar på.
Humorist-Nilsson – fördettingen i lustig-gänget Killingarna, ser pizzor rasa förbi med röda siffror. Floder av fanta sitter han och öser med ett litet brandgult öskar. Det är så mycket Netflix nu att man får sträcktitta till år 2300 om det ska gå.

Ravensburg Rapp

Mayer Daniel Rapp of Ravensburg
was walking about town.
Arriving at Marienplatz,
he took a knife-man down.

A roar was heard,
a blade was waved
and people screamed and fled.
Blood was flowing,
children cried
but the Mayer he calmly said:

Don’t bring your knife to town, son!
Leave your knife at home, son!
Don’t take your knife to town!

The law came on a bicycle
and honked a lawful horn.
Helpless people everywhere,
in awe, in chock, in mourn’.

A tourist, so courageous,
from Hessen he was sent,
was preaching to the choir
with Rapp, as hell was bent:

Don’t bring your knife to town, son!
Leave your knife at home, son!
Don’t take your knife to town!

The quick, brown fox and Danny Rapp
(the Mayer of Ravens town)
took charge when no-one else dared,
as he took a knife-man down.

This Rapp he walks on stilts,
the policeman came on bike,
the tourist came from Hessen
where a levy is a dyke.

Don’t bring your knife to town, son!
Leave your knife at home, son!
Don’t take your knife to town!

*) zum Stadt dein messer nich nehm, sohn?
dein messer zum stadt nimmt nich, sohn?
sohn, nimmt nicht zum stadt ihren messer?

German is a yoda-language. But they got the audio knowledge.


as her guy was lost in the boer war
he was fashionably late
late in august late in spring
this late husband of hers
was found to disperse a glove and a purse
to boot

he was pensive then in former shape
with his ascot wife and his stepford niece
the octopus wore its coat of arms
unique selling point
an appointed star
fell over board
hull and stern
this year of our lord
burn baby burn

last summer i went swimming
last summer i nearly drowned
but the water parted so sweat and sad sure
as the clansmen bronzed the apple core
i saw a pig it was a boor
the second storie was not in store
we saw a mountain
we see no more
the gruesome details about al gore

Nu försöker Palmqvist på SS allt möjligt..

Ja, det brinner ju i Oxie. Det har brunnit på massa ställen i Malmö. Det brann hundra bilar i somras i Malmö.
Men Palmblad har kommit på lösningen: EN FORSKARE!

Och vad ska forskaren säga om människor som bränner? Är dom friska? frågar Palmlöv? Nej, det är dom ju inte.

Titta på rubriken. Det är den rubrik som kommer att dyka upp i sökningar.
Om man tänker rubriker som memes.. OXIE=PSYKISKT SJUKA.
Röstar man fel får man Palmolive på sig.. då kommer han och ska “utreda” och sedan “mema”. Han är som trollkarlens lärling. Står där med vatten upp till sina skallrande knäskålar och undrar vad Blå Tåget menade med att “om kvastarna ska sopa bra, får man inte slarva med skaften”.