a world it is

Do not buy Alcatel Pixi 4 4..

..because you will be angry with that piece of shit.

the Cats

Miss Demure


The day is giving heed to the nights intent.
We felt the watchful night-wind as it went.
The sea we saw; the shepherds heard, and more.
The supermarket’s closed: convenient store.
A dollar saved is one that is not spent.
Furthermore: You don’t have my consent.

I disagree with you to a great extent:
the set-up and the plays of our discontent;
a broken story-board and an absent mind;
a one-eyed ruler in the world of blind.
It’s dark here: the wick and oil is spent.
Furthermore: You don’t have my consent.

You can ask a lot from me, but never to repent.
You’re a camper with a fraudulent intent.
What would the Mormons say if they where here?
A wolf-hunt, laying down both sheep and shear.
If you taught me one thing – it’s gone now most geschwind.
Furthermore: You don’t have my consent.

The words ruin every day that promises silent.
A compass helps you find the way, to orient.
A level shows you what is up and down.
The morning paper tell what’s going on.
There’s a war in Ala-ka-zam, close to Tashgent.
Furthermore: You don’t have my consent.

There’s a tax on stupid people, just a small percent.
They buy art from Max Bialystock – of great descent.
You don’t sail a stream. That is common sense.
Now the adverts full of contracts and of where and when’s.
They’re apt to loose the same amount they’ve spent.
Furthermore: You don’t have my consent.

Re-arranging chairs on the Nautilus. Under it went.
Capt. Nemo gave his vote to Mr. President.
A wall can fall and is suddenly not there.
The crimsons and a subterranean fair.
I stand very firm upon the firmament.
Furthermore: You don’t have my consent.

Perfect sense

There’s a small, but important, suttle difference between a
pommgrenate and pomme greats. You can grate a potato, but
it musn’t be a great potato.
There are grades in everything. In some sense everything is second-grade
and second-to-none.

matters at hand

whatism for cowards

a portion of code

I would like to see just one, little portion of code from the people who claim to be programmers.
These days you just say: I program artificial intelligence. My AI is called Indra.

Code says a lot about the person behind the lines. It really says it all.
There is no way you can make-believe you are a programmer and then show off code that says you are not.

In my world there are programmers and then there is scripters.
Both use the infrastructure made by excellence. Do not confuse an excellence with a programmer.
A programmer is a user that can create with syntax. A scripter is a user who can create from other peoples creations from syntax but can not use the full syntax themselves.
An excellence create syntax. The oblivion is the machine.

Trent 4