Dm       C               G                         /g-g#-a/
Jennifer Juniper and her bush put aside:
Dm            C                         G
I don't know where they went, but they where bona fide.
Eb                                   D
I said: "hail!" to the chief, I said nothing more.
             Gm              Eb                    (F)
I said      "Hey, babe! This ain't no store!"



När rocken kom till sta’n, var rocken redan där;
när dom rockade runt klockan, dregla’ Pavlov: #viärhär
Rousseaus ädle vilde sa: “Läget är akut”.
Vi sitter alla i samma båt.



Music: Tom Paxton




Vanishing into the Gloom

I was counting blessings in a one-horse town,
staying at the Carlton Ritz;
keepin’ my nose squeaky-clean, ’till I was introduced to Miss Fitz.

A pear-shaped trio of débutantes,
going all tooth-and-nail.
The punks; the prats and the idiot savants
celebrating out on bail.

With a few spare dollars, I changed my quarters^
and got myself a living-room.
Shell-shocked by grenades and mortars
I was dancing with a broom.
And soon, I was vanishing into the gloom.

Peter och vargen