Cat & Canary

Take a little known investment as “The Beam in my Eye” as an example. It’s run by Leviathan Pullman-Singer and his Polish wife Tribeca.
They live together in the attic of Leviathans grandfathers’, who – by himself – is a retired cuckoo-clock salesman, and from there they produce a Youtube-show pertaining to “raise awareness”, “enable clear-sight” and “polishing the monocle”.
Since Tribeca is known already from other, previous productions, she is kept off-camera and is only heard from time to time in the background, hollering “Kourva! Kourva!” in a shrill voice.

They have a cat, called Spencer and the canary Leonard, who Tribeca brought from Gdansk in her brides-chest.
“That thing and two bricks was all she broughted”, Leviathan is often heard joking.
“And my Levvy wanted a Chevvy”, Tribe is quick to interject. “Kourva! Kourva!”
Levs’ grandfather, Norman, is letting them stay rent-free as long as Tribe takes her showers with the bathroom-door open.

Norman likes to introduce himself as “Nor”.. as in “Nor me”.. as in “Hi! I’m Leviathan. This is my wife, Tribeca.”
“Nor me!”
And visitors look puzzled.

But that’s good. Because it’s a great opportunity for Lev to “reveal the truth” and “lift the misconceptions”.
“And we also like to raise awareness”, Leviathan adds “but so far, we only raised the prices”.
“Yes”, Tribby says. “Telling a truth has so long been a little hobby of ours. Now we want to sell it hard. Kourva! Kourva!”

“Lev & Trib : Time 2 Waste” is the name of their business. They sell garbage-bags with print on it.

“Full of shit!” is the bestseller. A roll of 50 bags with handles for 29 dollars.

“Call the cops!” in glow-in-the-dark print (no handles) is $34.90.

And if you sign up for the news-letter with name and adress, and check the box if you are willing to overthrow the government with force.. you get a sticker that says nothing.
“Because we have no talking stickers”, Lev explains. “But you’ll get access to our premium content”

There Lev is proving, without a shred of evidence, that he is living inside a dough-knot. In other episodes he lives in a cake; on top of a waffle and under a muse (a replica).

“This is our special, in-depth learning-material, produced by Cat & Canary Kenny & Spenny, who also holds positions as janitor and gaff.”

“Astoundingly low quality. Amazingly high price.”, says Tribeca.
“So, we both astound and amaze you”, Lev says.
“Mazel-tov”, Nor ad.