BBC Panorama – a not so good moment.

This is very funny. BBC and their flagship Panorama is taken down. Gone is the beautiful meat covered by smooth skin. Left is bone.
If you are the sort that think we are in a war where justice one day will victor, you might find this a great feet.

If you understand that you are forged between a hammer and an anvil, you see the hammer and you see the anvil. You understand nothing. But you see your will and your ideas being manipulated from two – seemingly opposing – sides.

So what is the storytelling driving? It’s clear. No one can say they don’t see that. A fascist Europe. They will use “popular demand” yet again as an excuse to forge the “reich”.

And it’s not the nazis they threaten you with you should fear (but fear nothing, because there is nothing to fear). The EU IS the nazis.