What’s up Doc!?

The only thing I can think of it’s from Pirzig’s “Zen and the art of Motorcycle maintenance”: How the protagonist couldn’t understand why the guys with the leaky, dripping crane didn’t fix it.
(And then why an easy, cheap fix was always out of the question [aluminium can as a shim] because the machine was sent from the Gods and not to be messed with).

Wranglerstars commandments

Can God be angry?
Well, in the old testament he is nothing but angry.

I don’t believe in this angry god-thing.. but let’s say there is a creator.
Would he be angry with one little detail of his creation?
I don’t think so.

Old books can not rule life.

But they can mean something. Take the rules set in stone that was brought down the hill. We have them imprinted in us.
If you do something wrong.. you can hide from it and deny it but: deep down you KNOW you did something wrong. And that is why they are made out like that: SET IN STONE.

Vanity is not a good thing. It makes you an actor.
Twitter is feeding vanity and we see the result of that every day.

Ah, shit! I’m already getting bored with this subject. Bye.

Silly string

One silly after another. If you would let yourself get affected, you would start hate people – just because they carry on the silly.
And they do. And it’s true. And it’s not. I forgot.
And the media. And the other media. And the virus now to boot.
And climate of course is off course of course.
Tit for tat and this is that. And sticks and stones may break them bones, them bones.
Terror! You may call me Al.
Ice is melting! And rain is no longer acid.
And the plastic is fantastic since there’s oil in the soil.
But the coal on the whole has part-taken the role
of the moleskin cap and the capt. Pig Pen.
The china is broken. It was in his hand.
The middle of nowhere , no-one understand.
And it’s Putin; it’s Trump and the Ox and the Axe.
Then there’s hacks and attacks and the lack of tax.

It’s bullshit. It’s nothing. The usual affairs.
The store-fronts; the doors with the handles then stairs.


White as flour: Johnny of the apes
and then came Johnny Cyborg.
On a Bombay street,
the boys are playing soccer before lunch.
Josephine in tears: “Oh, dear! #What_a_life”

Give ’em debt and saddness!
Make ’em be like us!

Johnny come timely – Johnny come late.


Punishing people who think for themselves,
is not a Great Thing to do.
How about: I punish you for being A jew?

I don’t have the [cards / cause] that you have,
but you don’t have a clue: